The function of the Arms Control Division (ACD) is to ensure that Armscor conducts it’s business in compliance with South African defence trade legislation as well as defence export controls of supplier countries.

The purpose of the arms control function is to:

  • Give execution to the responsibility assigned to Armscor in terms of section 4.(2)(g) of the Armaments Corporation of South Africa Limited Act, Act No 51 of 2003, namely to establish a compliance administration system for the Department as required by applicable international law, the National Conventional Arms Control Act, Act No. 41 of 2002, and the Non-Proliferation of Weapons of Mass Destruction Act, Act No. 87 of 1993;
  • Ensure the implementation of Armscor’s policy that all its business processes be executed in compliance with:

i. all national arms control and non-proliferation legislation;

ii. all international arms control and non-proliferation treaties / agreements South Africa has committed itself to;

iii. defence export controls of trade partner countries