Ergonomic Technologies

Who We Are

Ergonomics Technologies (Ergotech) is a leading research institute and consultancy servicing the defence and commercial sector with ergonomics research, design, and development of human-machine systems and evaluation of environmental stressors.

The broad range of services Ergotech offers in ergonomics and occupational health and safety, strive to optimise human performance and well-being, reduce work-related risks, and improve overall safety and productivity.

The strategic intent of any modern organisation is to optimize performance and productivity to derive enhanced ļ¬nancial beneļ¬t, central to this key goal is to have healthy human resource capital which is enabled to deliver. The proliferation of technology might have had positive impact on human development, however, there is increasing global concern on the detrimental effects and potential hazards technology has on humans.

Ergotech is concerned with understanding the interactions of humans with other elements of a system such as equipment and the environment. The facility is a research institute that provides the scientiļ¬c research, design, and development of human-machine systems and evaluation of environmental stressors in the defence and commercial sector.

Partner with Us

The value of implementing ergonomics will yield immense beneļ¬t to any business. Ergotech has the solutions to problems through their scientiļ¬c ergonomics, human factors and occupational health and safety applications and techniques. Boasting extensive experience as a leading state-of-the-art research institute and consultancy, Ergotech has unique skills, expertise, facilities and equipment to deliver. This is a world class ISO-accredited entity, with certiļ¬ed facilities and services that can be used by both local and international clients to research, test and evaluate the ergonomics performance of various systems, including vehicles, equipment and other products.

Our Services

Ergotech is the primary ergonomics provider to the DOD and has evolved to service other defence and security clients.

Ergotech services are designed to cater to the exact requirements of the clients, to meet and exceed customer expectations.