In order to be transparent and to offer the same opportunity to all interested parties, ARMSCOR hereby invites interest from companies in the South African industry who are interested in collaborating in the IDS initiative with the aim of establishing revenue generating business strategies and business models.

It is important to note that the supplier country sells the stock in an “AS IS” condition. However, ARMSCOR’s agreement with the selling country allows for ARMSCOR to upgrade and or refurbish the products in line with the specification of the client.

ARMSCOR needs to ensure that the refurbishment, upgrade, maintenance, training and relevant support services are catered for in the sales contract, thereby ensuring that a cost effective and reliable product and capability solution is delivered to the client.

In order to achieve the aforementioned deliverable it is essential that ARMSCOR collaborates with both local and international companies. There is also the possibility that certain sales initiatives would require collaboration with the companies in the buyers’ country, which lends itself to further “in-country” business opportunities.

All export control regulations and arms embargoes will be adhered to with the execution of all sales initiatives.

The respective products reflected in the brochure require varying levels and types of collaboration services to realise the sale thereof. The collaboration services have been categorised as follows:

  •              Service Cat 1 = Equipment / Products Marketing Service
  •              Service Cat 2 = Refurbishment, Upgrade and Rework Services          
  •              Service Cat 3 = After Sales Support Services (Maintenance, Overhaul & Repairs)
  •              Service Cat 4 = Parts and Spares Supply
  •              Service Cat 5 = In-Country Training Services (Buyers Country)
  •              Service Cat 6 = Supply of Systems and Sub Systems (to improve marketability of a platform)
  •              Service Cat 7 = Financial Broker and or Financing Services

South African Companies interested in participating in the IDS collaboration initiative are welcome to submit their interest by clicking on the email link below and providing the following information:

    Name of Company

    Company contact person

    Designation of contact person


    Office Number


    Estimated Annual Turnover

    Brief explanation of Current Business Portfolio including the number of years in business

    Select Service Category