The Armaments Corporation of South Africa Ltd (ARMSCOR) is a South African state-owned entity mandated by the Armaments Development and Production Act, 1968 (Act 57 of 1968), and continues its existence through the Armaments Corporation of South Africa, Limited (Ltd) Act, 2003 (Act 51 of 2003).The Minister of Defence and Military Veterans is the executive authority responsible for Armscor.


Armscor is a statutory body. The management and control of Armscor resides with the Board of Directors under the leadership of the chairperson Dr DP Dexter and deputy chairperson, Mr MS Motimele.

To execute its responsibilities effectively and maintain accountability, the Board established a number of committees:

  • Acquisition Committee
  • Audit and Risk Committee
  • Technology and Industry Support Committee
  • Human Resources, Social and Ethics Committee


The main function of the Chief Executive Officer is the overall management of the organisation. The responsibilities include, but are not limited to providing strategic direction and leadership, formulating policies, directing the operations of the organisation and developing strategic plans to achieve the organisations mission and objectives. In undertaking these responsibilities, the CEO is supported by an executive management structure, referred to as the Executive Committee. All departments are represented at this level.