Blow the whistle

In order to enhance good governance and transparency, Armscor provides a channel for any person (employees / contractors / clients / external parties) to raise concerns and report on fraud, corruption (monetary bribes, kickbacks, gifts, etc), theft, financial malpractice or any other unlawful or irregular conduct occurring in the company.

Pick up the phone or e-mail us and blow the whistle on corruption and fraud in Armscor!

Remember – you may remain anonymous!

Tel: +27 (0)800 111 786| E-Mail: | SMS: 33490 | Postal: PO Box 51006, Musgrave, 4062

The whistle blow line is operated by an external appointed service provider and entails round-the-clock confidential service available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year in multiple languages. There are multiple reporting channels and the anonymity and protection of the whistleblower is guaranteed.
Help us to create an ethical environment and root out fraud and corruption.

To download and read the whistleblowing guide click on the link below

Whistle Blowers Guide