Armscor’s experience in acquisition is spread over six decades, its technology know-how ranges from technology development, development and upgrading of products as well as maintenance and disposal of products.

Armscor’s Acquisition role can be broadly divided into four categories, namely:

  • Technology Acquisition
  • Capital Equipment Acquisition
  • Product Systems Support Acquisition
  • Procurement
  • Vehicle design and manufacture (soft skin and armoured/mine-protected)
  • Artillery systems
  • Munitions and small calibre ammunition
  • Command & control systems
  • Electronic warfare systems
  • Telecommunication systems (static and tactical)
  • Aircraft (fixed and rotary wing)
  • Radar systems
  • Guided / unguided weapon systems
  • Unmanned aerial vehicles
  • Naval vessels
  • System maintenance and support

The research and development function specialises in providing operational and scientific research as well as vehicle and artillery testing and evaluation services. Our research and development institutes continue to produce innovative technology products and services which go through rigorous testing and evaluation processes that are recognised internationally.

Strategic facilities include:

  • Test and evaluation services
  • Operational and Scientific Research

Gerotek Test Facilities

Gerotek provides vehicle and product testing services to all clients including private clients. Advanced training and corporate events facilities are also offered.

Alkantpan Testing Range

Located in the central semi-desert part of the country, Alkantpan is an all-purpose ballistic test range for medium to large calibre weapons and ammunition. Insensitive munitions, hazard classification, ageing, surveillance trails tests are also conducted.

As a world-wide testing range facility, Alkantpan has received positive reviews from international clients who have used the facility.


Institute for Maritime Technology (IMT)

The Institute for Maritime Technology (IMT) develops and maintains a sustainable capability for providing techno-military expertise to support naval decision-making in specific key naval expertise domains. IMT specialises in defence research, development, testing and evaluation of maritime systems.

Protechnik Laboratories

Protechnik Laboratories is a multidisciplinary laboratory facility with the primary focus on Chemical and Biological (CB) Defence Research and Development.

Hazmat Protective Systems

Hazmat manufactures high quality respiratory filters for commercial (industrial) and governmental (Military, Police and Correctional Service) clients. Hazmat is considered a major manufacturer and supplier of quality respiratory equipment in the South African safety industry.

Defence Decision Support Institute (DDSI)

DDSI renders defence analysis, engineering support, decision support, and operational research and capability analysis services.

Ergonomics Technologies (Ergotech)

Ergotech provides military ergonomics research, design, specification of human-machine systems and evaluation of environmental stressors.

Fluid and Mechanical Engineering Group (Flamengro)

Flamengro provides integrated modelling and simulation support on the design, development and operations of weapon systems.

Armour Development

Conducts continuous research and development to maintain and advance armour protection technologies and to establish industrial capability, to timeously satisfy armour protection requirements over the entire threat spectrum. This service includes analysis of the customer protection needs, development of armour, testing and qualification of vehicle hull ballistic resistance. Expertise also includes designing and fitting of armour packages on lightweight vehicles and main battle tanks.


The Innovation division professionally manages intellectual property (IP) created or acquired during acquisition of defence matèriel or technology development projects, on behalf of the Department of Defence (DOD).

Technology Management and Analysis (TMA)

TMA manages technology programmes in various areas to develop and maintain capabilities in South Africa, which would support the new and changing demands of the South African National Defence Force.