Security Guidelines


Armscor Policy

It is Armscor policy that suppliers must register on Armscor’s electronic supplier security registration database to be security vetted BEFORE becoming eligible to gain access to contracts of a security classified nature.

To promote fairness and competition, it has been decided that it will no longer be necessary for suppliers to register as such on Armscor’s supplier registration database.

It is thus critically important to note that registration is necessary for purposes of Security clearance.

Suppliers without a valid Facility Security Clearance (FSC) issued by Armscor’s Security Division will not be given access to any security classified defence-related information unless cleared to the same level of security as that of the information.

What is Supplier Security Registration?

Security registration is the process whereby Armscor Security Division registers and determines the security competency of suppliers who wish to provide goods and services to the Department of Defence, where the acquisition of such goods and services is to be administered by Armscor.

Who may apply?

All local and foreign companies are eligible for security registration and competency rating as suppliers to the SANDF.

All potential local and foreign suppliers of defence-related goods and services which are State funded, should apply for security registration where the acquisition of such goods and services is administered by Armscor. Such goods and services may include full-scale design and development, manufacture, installation, integration, logistical support or maintenance work on equipment already in service, or intended for service in the Department of Defence.

*The entity in whose name an order is placed and on whose premises such order will be executed must be registered.

How to apply

Submit your application by completing the application form available here

Alternatively, applications may be forwarded by mail or fax to:

The Senior Manager
Armscor Security Division
Private Bag X337
South Africa

Tel: +27 12 428 3555
Fax: +27 12 428 2732

Mail or fax applications must include the following details:

Name of the supplier or entity seeking registration
SA Treasury CSD number
Street address
Name and position of contact person for Security enquiries
E-mail address
Telephone number
Date of application
Brief reason for application

On receipt of your application, Armscor will ascertain whether your core competency relates to Armscor’s responsibilities as a defence acquisition agency as set out in the technology and product lists below.

Armscor’s Security Division (ASD) will inform you about the way forward.

Confirmation of Registration

Applicants will be considered registered for security purposes after receipt of a properly completed application and once confirmed by ASD. Applicants will HOWEVER only become eligible for doing business with Armscor once a Facility Security Clearance (FSC) certificate has been issued.


As part of the tender evaluation process, all registered suppliers are evaluated to determine their ability to meet the technical, schedule, financial, non-technical and other contractual requirements of armaments acquisition projects before they are contracted.

A potential supplier’s security competence has to be assessed up front and in good time in order to determine the supplier’s competency as regards having access to and handling security classified defence-related information. Defence-related information is classified according to the sensitivity thereof and is categorised as RESTRICTED, CONFIDENTIAL, SECRET or TOP SECRET. A supplier’s FSC status (level of competency) must correspond to or be higher than the classification of the information to be accessed. Depending on the FSC status, suppliers will be re-assessed on an annual or biennial basis.

Depending on the technology field(s), suppliers may position themselves to qualify for business classified on a higher level than RESTRICTED. Security clearance to a CONFIDENTIAL and higher level will have a financial impact.

As security vetting of personnel, in the case of CONFIDENTIAL and higher, takes at least four months, suppliers are once again reminded to register for security purposes as soon as possible.

Security vetting of suppliers at short notice cannot be entertained.


All information provided for registration purposes will be treated as confidential and will be for the use of Armscor and its clients only. However, the names of all registered or defence suppliers and the general nature of their involvement with Armscor, as required for publication in the acquisition bulletin, will be public knowledge.

Change in Status

Armscor’s Security Division will continuously monitor the security competency of registered suppliers and ARMSCOR reserves the right to revise a supplier’s competency at any time.

Security registered suppliers will be expected to notify Armscor (see above address) of any changes to ownership, name, products and/or areas of technological capabilities, so as to determine the effect on their security competency ratings.

Cancellations / Withdrawals

Suppliers who wish to cancel or withdraw their registration for security purposes must do so in writing.


The Senior Manager Security may be approached here by a potential supplier for the necessary advice in order to assist with registration.