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About Armscor: Products & Services

ARMSCOR’s primary function is to provide a cost-effective service to the SANDF for the execution of its capital acquisition programmes and the logistical and maintenance support that it requires.

In summary, Armscor’s functions are as follows :


Armscor’s in-depth knowledge of the defence industry enables the corporation to deliver the most appropriate and cost-effective answer to any military or security problem. The acquisition process involves:

  • Assessing the need.
  • Defining the solution.
  • Contracting the right suppliers and managing the contract.
  • Ensuring product conformation.
  • Supporting the product after delivery.

There are more than 600 companies involved in the South African defence-related industry, which means that there is a very wide range of capabilities from which to meet a client’s particular needs. Being uniquely familiar with the South African industry, Armscor is an invaluable partner for any client needing assistance with the acquisition cycle, in part or in its entirety. Overseas suppliers may also be used where this is deemed to be more cost-effective.

The following practices apply to the process as a whole:

  • Project management over the complete life cycle of product.
  • Quality assurance and configuration management at all stages.
  • Assuring the integrity of all design, production and logistic processes.


  • Ensuring that strategic technologies are maintained to meet the long-term needs of the South African Security Forces.
  • Ensuring that leading technologies are maintained and developed further to assure international competitiveness.
  • Ensuring that a major contribution is made to the technology base of South Africa for the benefit of the whole South African industry.


ARMSCOR is the Government Quality Assurance (GQA) Authority for the procurement of defence equipment for the South African Department of Defence. A GQA service is rendered to other clients procuring defence equipment from the South African industry. It provides a comprehensive service in Quality that ensures conformance to contractual requirements and customer satisfaction.

This service includes, but is not limited to:

  • Acceptance of systems, products and services
  • Objective evidence to management on the quality of processes, systems, products and services so as to aid the identification of improvement opportunities
  • Act as improvement agents in total quality by providing training and consultation services, and to act as facilitators for improvement teams.
  • Positively assist with the improvement of the industry to contribute to the improvement of quality of work life of all people.
  • Develop and tailor quality technologies.
  • Assurance of the integrity of the acquisition and other process.


The South African Defence Export Support Organisation (SADESO)

In its White Paper on the Defence Related Industries (DRI), the South African Government identified and prescribed the need for Government to support the DRI.

Initially the focus was on marketing support but given the evolution of the defence-related industries and relevant markets, the focus of Government support has shifted from marketing support to export support.

The central focus of the White Paper addresses Government’s responsibility towards the DRI.

Armscor has redesigned SADESO’s export support strategy in order to include the following criteria:

  • A South African Defence Related Industry Export Council.
  • To, from a Defence industry perspective, assist Government with its New Economic Plan for African Development.
  • The promotion of South African defence solutions.
  • A South Africa incorporated approach.
  • The three E’s of the Public Finance Management Act, namely efficiency, effectiveness and economy.
  • Standardisation of military equipment in Africa.

SADESO was structured with the emphasis on formulating a structure that would efficiently, effectively and economically facilitate the needs of both the Department of Defence (DoD) and the DRI.

South African Defence Export Support Organisation (SADESO) invites you to enquire as to how we can, on behalf of the South African Government, be of service to you. Please click here for the registration form.

Defence Matériel Disposal Agency (DMDA)

Armscor’s Defence Matériel Disposal Agency (DMDA) was appointed by the Minister of Defence to sell redundant/obsolete defence matériel on behalf of the SANDF.

The SANDF is solely responsible for the decision as to what is to be disposed of and when. The SANDF then compiles a list of obsolete/redundant matériel to be phased out and makes the lists available to DMDA, who is officially mandated to execute the sale of the matériel under stringent Government controls and regulations, to the best advantage of the State.

The disposal of the redundant/obsolete matériel is done by means of tender, foreign (Government to Government) and local (defence-related industry) sales.

Defence Industrial Participation (DIP)

The following services can also be rendered by the Defence Industrial Participation (DIP) division to outside parties:

  • Compile general countertrade requirements and make recommendations on policy matters.
  • Negotiate and sign DIP agreements.
  • Monitor and control the execution of DIP agreements.
  • Render educational and training services on DIP.
  • Advise sellers from the RSA on the best conditions when foreign buyers impose countertrade.
  • Facilitate the shifting of countertrade obligations.

Defence Industrial Participation (DIP) is the process where purchases of the Department of Defence are used as a leverage to oblige a foreign seller of defence commodities/services to do defence-related business in South Africa on a reciprocal basis in order to advance military strategic and defence-related industrial imperatives.

National Industrial Participation (NIP), on the other hand, relates to business in the commercial, or non-defence sectors, and is administered by the Department of Trade and Industry (DTI) in accordance with their laid down rules and procedures.


The Small Business Development Unit aims to encourage and facilitate the introduction of SMMEs into the defence-related industry. The information accumulated on SMMEs will create a database, which will be shared with companies interested in SMME partnering development projects.

This information of SMMEs will be of interest to foreign companies with Black Economic Empowerment (BEE) commitment with ARMSCOR. It will help identify skills available that could be used in the military environment.

The SMME development is critical in contributing to job creation, which is needed today in our economy to help fight crime in the country.


ARMSCOR, the Armaments Corporation of South Africa SOC Ltd, (Act 51 of 2003) is the officially appointed acquisition organisation for the SA Department of Defence and with the approval of the SA Minister of Defence, also renders a professional acquisition service to other government departments and public entities.