Events & Exhibitions

Exhibitions and Events render a one-stop service for national as well as international defence related exhibitions and events.

Our services include:

  • Rendering exhibition support by facilitating and coordinating participation of the MOD, DOD and DRI at International Exhibitions.
  • Give guidance and assistance on participation of the DRI at International Shows.
  • Manage and organise (with partners) the AAD show which is a National Asset and coordinate an Armscor Pavilion Participation.
  • Provide logistical and financial support to DRI for exhibition participation.

Defense Export Support Overview

As Armscor’s core function is acquisition, the perception might exist that Armscor should not be involved in supporting the Defence Related Industry. Given the South African Government’s commitment to support the South African Defence Related Industry as stated in the respective White Paper as well as the fact that defence exports directly or indirectly support the acquisition cycle, it is imperative that Government utilise Armscor’s expertise to uphold and coordinate the various services which enable Government to honour its commitment and initiatives.

The most prominent defence export support services currently being managed by Armscor are:

Exhibitions and Events Promote defence related export by assisting industry in getting international exposure through shows and exhibitions and to assist Armscor departments and Defence Related Industry (DRI) in arranging and coordinating events.

Defence Equipment and Personnel Support (DEPS) DEPS support the Department of Defence (DOD) by contracting, on their behalf with the Defence Related Industry (DRI), all marketing support and material aid requested for SANDF personnel, equipment, material and the use of defence installations and facilities.

Export Support On behalf of the South African Government, through the Ministry of Defence, Export Support develops and implements export support services and mechanics that promote and benefit both the South African Government and the South African Defence Related Industry.

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